Over 100 attendees coming!

The Newcomers Social is a warm gathering tailored for those new to polyamory. If you're curious about polyamory, are just embarking on your polyamorous journey, recently arrived in the Puget Sound region, or are simply new to this vibrant community, this is the event for you. Join us for a happy hour social where you can mingle with therapists and community organizers to find the support and contacts you need.

At Evergreen Hearts, we understand that being new to polyamory can bring a mix of excitement and questions. Our Newcomers Social is a quarterly event designed to provide a welcoming space for you to connect with the community and gain valuable insights. Meet community group organizers and the passionate leaders behind various Facebook and Meetup groups. Engage with them to explore the diverse vibes, cultures, and events hosted by different groups within the community.

We're delighted to have several licensed professional therapists with expertise in polyamorous relationships ready to answer all your newcomer questions. Whether you're seeking guidance and information, or simply want to connect with like-minded individuals, this event is here to support you on your polyamorous journey.


  • Next date in April to be announced soon.

  • Jules Maes Saloon - 5919 Airport Way S, Seattle, 98108.

  • Free street parking.

  • Large private room all the way in the back.

  • 21+ only event.

  • Please honor your ticket, there is limited capacity at the venue we rented.

  • Tickets include access to everything except food and drink which may be purchased at the bar.

  • Free raffle drawing of polyamory swag and Evergreen Hearts event tickets!