Over 225 tickets sold! We are limiting this event to 250 attendees.

Welcome to Connections, where love, friendship, and meaningful connections flourish in an open-hearted community that embraces the full spectrum of relationships. This is not just another dating event; it's an opportunity to create profound connections with like-minded individuals. Whether you're seasoned in polyamory, exploring, or simply open to new experiences, our unique mingle provides a comfortable and inclusive space to celebrate the abundance of love and friendship. Get ready to expand your social circle, seek deep & lasting bonds, or simply enjoy pleasant conversations. Come with an open mind and leave with a goodie bag full of notes from new people.

  • Next date to be announced soon.

  • Tukwila Community Center - 12424 42nd Ave S, Tukwila, 98168.

  • Free parking lot.

  • 21+ only event.

  • Raffle drawing of polyamory swag and Evergreen Hearts event tickets!

  • After party at BJs Brewhouse (1159 Southcenter Mall).

  • Craft Area - Need a break? At any time during the event, take a breather and reflect in our designated craft area, featuring collective art projects. Refreshed participants can rejoin the mingles, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and engaged.

  • Attendee Messaging - Say goodbye to awkward contact exchanges. Receive a stack of notes; if you see someone intriguing, jot a quick note with their ID. Place it in a drop box where notes will be collected and sorted. You will leave with a goodie bag stuffed with notes from your connections. Download an example note.

Connections is a new type of event. Here's a schedule of what attendees can expect. Download the full program and preview the mingle topics.

  1. Hobby Mingle (40 min) - Pick between dozens of tables dedicated to your favorite hobbies, from outdoor activities and pets to favorite cuisines, arts, and wellness. Grab a seat and explore your passions and interests with others.

  2. Shuffle Mingle (30 min) - Experience delightful randomness as you're shuffled into small groups with discussion prompts, meeting people you wouldn't normally connect with. Be prepared for surprise and delight in every speed round, fostering connections beyond the expected.

  3. Expert Speaker Elizabeth Cunningham (15 min) - Brush up on your dating skills during a mid-event intermission with love coach Elizabeth Cunningham. Gain valuable insights into queer and polyamorous relationships from an expert in the field.

  4. Polyamory Mingle (40 min) - Dive into the diverse world of polyamory at topic tables, including relationship styles, orientations, and parenting. Chat with those who practice polyamory in ways similar to your own, fostering understanding and building new networks.

  5. Open Mingle (30 min) - Meet people in a mixer space where you can approach those you're interested in. If you spot a missed connection, the open mingle is your chance to make meaningful conversations happen.

Sensory Advisory

  • Capacity: 200-250 attendees.

  • Crowds: The event will be held in one large room with medium crowding. The craft area will be less congested. The halls and foyer of the community center will have low crowding for taking a break.

  • Volume: The lofted ceilings, wood floors, and number of attendees mingling will create medium to high volume.

  • Seating: There will be 100 chairs for seating. This mingle event is designed for attendees to spend most of the time standing, talking, and moving around to meet others.

  • Food, Drink, Alcohol: No food or drink will be provided, but attendees are welcome to bring outside food and drink. No alcohol is allowed in the building. Water stations are available to refill bottles.


To accommodate gender balancing at the event there are two categories of ticket to select from. When there are too many of one ticket type it will be marked as sold out until the other ticket type catches up in sales. In that case, join the waiting list to be notified when more tickets become available.

Pine - Man open to connections with women (hetero/bi man).

Spruce - Everyone else.

Within the Pine/Spruce categories there are different tiers of tickets. Please decide what tier of ticket is right for you and your circumstances. Evergreen Hearts wants to make events accessible to all who want to participate, all are welcome.

VIP Ticket - For those who are able to further support the polyamory community.

  • Includes 3 raffle tickets. Attendees will have the opportunity to place their raffle tickets in drawings for different prizes.

  • A portion of VIP ticket price will be applied to providing sliding scale tickets.

  • A portion of VIP ticket price will be applied to community outreach at Newcomers Social events, getting support for newcomers (and future Connections attendees).

Standard Ticket - For those who wish to pay the standard price.

  • Includes 1 raffle ticket.

Sliding Scale Ticket - For those on a low income, students, and who would struggle to afford a standard ticket.

  • Includes 1 raffle ticket.