Every other week we email out a list of all community events along with Evergreen Hearts announcements and discount codes.

Once a month we email out volunteer opportunities.

Once a month we email out info for group organizers and admins, therapists, and business leaders.


We love to hear from you! Questions, comments, feedback, what you loved, or what can be improved. Include name and email for a response. These are optional if you prefer an anonymous submission. All submissions are reviewed by the members of the Board of Directors.

Incident Reporting

If you experience an incident, please report it as soon as you are able. We take any concerns very seriously. You are encouraged to use any of the contact methods below.

  • In Person: Ask a staff member wearing a badge to help you find the event organizer.

  • Online: Utilize the contact form above. Submissions are monitored by all members of the Board of Directors.

  • Third Party: The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is in place for neutral third party incident reporting and response.

Mailing Address

522 W Riverside Ave, Suite 5362, Spokane, WA 99201