Over 100 attendees coming!

Welcome to the Polyamory Expo, where you can explore the world of polyamory and get plugged in. This event features exhibitors from community groups, therapists, and local businesses who cater to polyamorous people. Meet community group organizers and the passionate leaders behind various Facebook and Meetup groups. Engage with them to explore the diverse vibes, cultures, and events hosted by different groups within the community. We're delighted to have several licensed professional therapists with expertise in polyamorous relationships ready to answer all your questions. Exhibitors will include local businesses and professionals with experience supporting polyamorous people in fields such as legal, financial, healthcare, and real estate.

Whether you're new to polyamory and seeking guidance and information, or a seasoned veteran looking to connect with like-minded individuals, Polyamory Expo is the event to support you on your polyamorous journey. Join us for an afternoon of networking, education, and celebration of love in all its forms.

Podcast Exhibitors

  • Multiamory

  • Mistakes Were Made

Community Group Exhibitors

  • Puget Sound Polyamory Meetup

  • Seattle Poly Peeps

  • Mature Polyamory

  • Tacoma Olympia Polyamory Society

  • Seattle Polyamory Foodies

Counseling Exhibitors

  • Branching Out Wellbeing

  • Peer Seattle

  • Two Open Doors

  • Eros Blossoming

  • Elizabeth Ann Cunningham Coaching

  • Pride Counseling NW

  • All Valley Integrated Counseling

  • Crow Counseling

Business Exhibitors

  • Smol Law

  • The Law Offices of Jenny Ling

  • The Crow's Nest Escape

  • Windermere Real Estate Co

  • Salmon Bay Lending

  • Skyline Properties Inc

  • OPEN

Attendees can expect a variety of engaging talks and discussions on polyamory topics, led by experts in the field and some of your favorite content creators. The exhibitor floor will be open the duration of 1p - 4p. The Talk Stage schedule is below.

  • 1:15p The Law Offices of Jenny Ling: Estate Planning for Polyamory Families

  • 1:30p All Valley Integrated Counseling: Exploring Polyamory and Mental Health

  • 1:45p Elizabeth Ann Cunningham Coaching: Polyamory Dating Green Flags and Red Flags

  • 2:00p Mature Polyamory Meetup: Normalizing Polyamory

  • 2:15p Mistakes Were Made Podcast: Polyamory Pitfalls

  • 2:30p Windermere Real Estate Co: Chosen Family Housing Options

  • 2:45p Announcements and Raffles

  • 3:00p OPEN: Building Polyamory Power and the Non-monogamy Movement

  • 3:15p Puget Sound Polyamory Meetup: Non-monogamy Relationship Types: Polyamory, Swinging, Relationship Anarchy, and More

  • 3:30p Multiamory Podcast: Building Supportive Communities with Metacommunication

Sensory Advisory

  • Capacity: 150-250 attendees.

  • Crowds: The event will be held in one large room with medium crowding. The entry area will be less congested for those needing a break.

  • Volume: The lofted ceilings, wood floors, and number of attendees mingling will create high volume.

  • Seating: There will be booths, tables and chairs for approximately 100 people. This event is designed for attendees to spend most of the time standing, talking, and moving around to meet exhibitors. Seating will be available in the polyamory talks area.

  • Food, Drink, Alcohol: Food, drink, and alcohol will be available for purchase at the bar. No outside food or drink are permitted.


  • The next Polyamory Expo coming fall 2024.

  • Club Sur - 2901 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134.

  • Free street parking.

  • 21+ only event.

  • Tickets include access to everything except food and drink which may be purchased at the bar.

  • Free raffle drawing of polyamory swag and Evergreen Hearts event tickets!