Exhibitor Information

We are so excited to have you join the Polyamory Expo as an exhibitor! Below are some notes to help guide you.

  • Deadline for submission is May 1st, 2024.

  • Organizations should either focus on polyamory (such as a polyamory meetup group), cater specifically to polyamorous people (such as a realtor with experience housing polyamorous families), or be owned by a polyamorous person (such as a local store or restaurant). Evergreen Hearts may refund your exhibitor ticket if we feel your organization does not meet these criteria.

  • Polyamory Expo has a cocktail style layout where attendees will be standing and mingling. Exhibitors will be provided 1 chair under their designated signage, but should plan to spend most of the time standing talking with attendees.

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to give out handouts and swag for your organization. Exhibitors may not sell any merchandise on site.

  • Attendees at the Polyamory Expo tend to be mostly newcomers looking to get plugged in and learn. Attendees are 90% from the Puget Sound region (Everett down to Olympia), but also a small portion of people from Portland and Vancouver BC. Evergreen Hearts will keep exhibitors posted on expected attendance prior to the event.

  • There will be a polyamory talks side stage where 10 talks will be selected from exhibitors. You may talk on a polyamory related subject to show attendees your expertise. Or you may talk about your group, upcoming events, or your business. This is a great platform to connect with lots of attendees.

  • Please purchase an exhibitor ticket below. If you have multiple people coming from your organization, the remaining people can purchase standard tickets for entry.

  • Please complete the exhibitor form below.

Exhibitor Tickets Sold Out

Exhibitor tickets are sold out, but we will try to make space for a few more exhibitors. Fill in the exhibitor form below to be added to the wait list.