Get involved

Evergreen Hearts is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. The events we host for the polyamory community are made possible by the incredible volunteers who dedicate their time and effort. We encourage individuals to attend a few Evergreen Hearts events before becoming a volunteer to understand the event experience. Volunteers get to:

  • Help support the polyamory community.

  • Meet new people.

  • Get face time with community leaders.

  • Gain meaningful experience.

  • Free tickets to Evergreen Hearts events, free polyamory swag.

Sign up for the Volunteer Newsletter below to receive updates on volunteer opportunities. We host regular video calls for volunteer orientation and discuss upcoming events.

As volunteers gain more experience, they can transition into different team positions within our organization. Below are details about the roles in Evergreen Hearts.

Event Volunteer

  • Role: Assist during the event - set up, ticketing, greeter, attendee support, clean up.

  • Commitment: 1 day, length of the event.

  • Training: Email instructions a few days in advance, team meeting before set up.

Support Volunteer

  • Role: Assist the event committee with preparation - pick up equipment, assemble supplies, help set up, and serve during the event.

  • Commitment: 2 weeks, 4 hours. Volunteer at the event.

  • Training: Event Volunteer experience, video meetings.

Committee Volunteer

  • Role: Manage a specific event - work with the venue, vendors, volunteers, coordinate equipment and supplies, serve during the event.

  • Commitment: 3+ months, 2 hours a week. Weekly committee video meeting.

  • Training: Support Volunteer experience, training from board members.

Administration Volunteer

  • Role: Admin assistant tasks across all events - manage community events calendar, support emails, ticketing support, social media, manage supplies.

  • Commitment: 6 months, 2 hours a week.

  • Training: Support Volunteer experience, training from board members.


  • Role: Serve as an Evergreen Hearts representative in the community at community events - share about Evergreen Hearts events, recruit volunteers, support polyamory newcomers. Serve on a few event committees throughout the year.

  • Commitment: 1 year, 5-10 hours a month. Monthly all team video call.

  • Training: Committee Volunteer experience.