Evergreen Hearts engages in community outreach every summer at Pride events, connecting with a diverse group of polyamorous individuals in the Pacific Northwest. Visit our booth to pick up free polyamory swag and participate in our interactive relationship mapping activities. Our team members will be on hand to chat about upcoming polyamory events in the area.

By participating in Pride events, our booth serves as a platform to raise awareness and visibility for polyamorous relationships and the dozens of community groups. These events draw a large number of polyamorous individuals, providing a valuable opportunity for them to connect with like-minded individuals and receive support for their relationships. Through our outreach efforts, we aim to help individuals access resources and events within the polyamory community to develop healthy communication and relationship skills.

The intersectionality of polyamory with various aspects of identity, including sexual orientation and gender identity, underscores the importance of including polyamory outreach in Pride events. By promoting inclusivity and diversity, we can create a community that embraces the complexities of non-traditional relationships and offers support to individuals regardless of their relationship structures. Together, we can build a more inclusive and supportive community for all.